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Lecturer, Gender/Queer Studies Department, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
"Intersectional Methods of Subjectivation: Technological Entanglements of Theory and Artistic Practice", Wintersemester 2023.

Visiting Lecturer, Visual Cultures Department, Technical University Vienna
--- "Posthumanist Theory: A New Beginning or Recurring End?", Wintersemester 2023.
--- Symposium Organisation: Dissident Practices, December 2023.

Lecturer, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität Wien

--- "Performance in der globalen Kunst der letzten zwanzig Jahre", Sommersemester 2022.
--- "Feminismus, Ausstellungspolitik, und Ästhetische Wahrnehmung", Wintersemester 2023.

Visiting lecturer in the Critical & Historical Studies Department, Kingston School of Art, London      
--- supervision and marking of BA dissertations
--- teaching and marking across the courses: photography, film, fashion, and illustration/animation.
--- writing rooms.

Visiting Lecturer in the Drama, Theatre, and Dance department at Royal Holloway, University of London            
--- BA, Theatre & Culture I, winter term 2017/20.
--- BA, Theatre & Ideas I, spring term 2018/20.
--- BA, Theatre & Ideas: Ideas of Acting, spring term seminar 2019.
--- BA, Aesthetic Philosophy, spring term seminar 2020/21/22.
--- MA, Theatre Directing, seminar workshop, winter semester 2020.

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK, since spring 2018.

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