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Theatre Times

'You came to see the Obscene? 2020: Obscene', 13 March 2022. 

CorpusWeb, AT

'A Dance Happening at steirischer herbst? Boris Charmatz [terrain]'s Noli Me Tangere', 15 Oct 2022. 


Wiener Festwochen, AT

‘Ein Nachklang des modernen Wiens’, on 'Friede auf Erden' by Ulla von Brandenburg & Schönberg Chor & singers.

Performance, Wiener Festwochen, May 2022.

Tanzquartier Magazin, AT

Moravec, L., ‘Tanzkörper: Noch einmal mit Animalität‘, on Ian Kaler’s group dance choreography 'Ecto-Fictions', Parasol. April 2022.


Burlington Contemporary, UK

‘Sweat‘, Haus der Kunst, Munich, September 2021.


Texte zur Kunst, DE

--- 'Dalí-Freud: An Obsession', Unteres Belvedere, Vienna, 9 September 2022.

--- ‘Co-Habitation A Manifesto for the Solidarity of Non-Humans and Humans in Urban Space’, Silent Green, Berlin, July 2021.


--- ‘A Material Gesture of Collectivity: “Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021”’, March 2022. 2021/

--- On Tim Plamper’s performance ‘Security III (Tiger)’, December 2021.

--- ‘The Value of Physical Presentness: “HERE” by Maria Hassabi’, June 2021.

--- ‘To be kind«: Nonviolent Drawings, Ambiguous Identities’, Till Megerle at the Secession, Vienna, March 2021.

--- ‘Another Aesthetic Crisis: Ecological Disasters & Photographic Landscapes’, photographic group exhibition Kunst Haus Wien/Vienna, December 2020. photographic- landscapes/

---Interview mit Sophia Sußmilch, Wie Die Komikpferde in die Kunst kommen, August 2018. kommen/

The Theatre Times

--- ‘Inchoate Buzz’: A Testing Ground for Interaction and Interdisciplinarity’, review of Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome at Sadler's Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio, 19 December 2019. interdisciplinarity/

--- 'Bodily Dressage: Cruel and Optimistic Pleasures of the Speaking and Moving Body', essay on Peter Stamer’s and Frank Willens’s performance In the Penal Colony and Willens’s group dance Radiant Optimism, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna 2019.

springerin, AT

--- 'Hysterical Mining', Kunsthalle Wien, September 2019.

Uploaded: on_Kunsthalle_Wien_published_in_springerin_4_2019_Austria

--- Cristina Luca’s exhibition Global Edges, O.K., Linz, Mai 2017.
Uploaded: blished_in_springerin_July_2017_Austria

--- Benny Ramsay’s exhibition Une Autre Voix, Tiroler Kunstverein, Innsbruck, Jänner 2017.
Uploaded: _Autre_V oix_published_in_springerin_January_2017_Austria

EIKON, International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, AT

'Under Cover: A Secret History of Cross-Dressing', Photographers’ Gallery, London, March 2018.
Uploaded : of_Cross_Dressers_Photographers_Gallery_London_published_in_EIKON_102_2018_Austria

Engageée, The blog of the journal engagée, committed to political-philosophical interventions

'What makes Man?', Essay on the live performance of the event: A Thousand Masculinities, Wien, 18 December 2018.

Studio International, UK

--- Interview with Köken Ergun, ‘In Turkey, the image of the soldier has been victimised by Erdoğan’, on the occasion of documenta14, 28/12/2017.

--- Interview with Ross Birrell, ‘I saw a possible way to draw a relationship between art and emancipatory politics’,  on the occasion of documenta14, 20/09/2017.

--- 'Virtual Normality: Women Net Artists 2.0', Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig, Exhibition Review, 24/02/2019.

--- 'Cécile B Evans: Amos’ World: Episode One', mumok Vienna, Exhibition Review, 12/04/2018.

Widewalls, CH

--- 'Citizens of Nowhere - Yuri Pattison', Kevin Space, Vienna, 30/03/2017.

--- 'Creating a Quire - A Conversation with Gabriele Rothemann', 19 April 2017.

--- 'Animal Spirits - In Conversation with Daniel Richter', 11 April 2017.

--- Mike Kelley on Screen at the 21-er Haus, Vienna, 5 April 2017.

--- 'Virtual Normality - Signe Pierce', Galerie Nathalie Halgand, 23 March 2017.

Aesthetica Magazine, UK

'Oli Kellett: Cross Road Blues' at HackelBury Fine Art, February 2019.

Russian Art & Culture UK

--- 'Guising Human Pain', essay on Anastasia Khoroshilova’s work 'Die Übrigen' and 'Starie Novosti', contemporary photography, 2 July 2015. Uploaded: (uploaded)

---'Identity: A Question of Language', essay on Anna Jermolaewa’s Self-Portrait with Dictator (2007) and Kremlin Doppelgänger (2008-09), 19 May 2015.

--- 'VKhuTEMAS: A Russian Laboratory of Modernity. Architectural Designs 1920-1930', review of Gropius-Bau exhibition, Feb 24 2015.

--- 'At Home with Rodchenko and Stepanova', at The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, exhibition review, Moscow, 31 January 2016.

Art UK

'Alfred Munnings: the delight of painting horses', 2 December 2016.

UCL: Art History, Blog, UK

Report of the UCL symposium 'Reality Check: A symposium on Art, Psycho-Politics and the Limits of Community',  organised by Larne Abse Gogarty and Giulia Smith, 19 March 2016

Reflector-M (rebranded as The Newspaper of the Working Class)

Review of Karen Irmer's 'Atem', 2015

Blog on Visual Art, Performance, and Exhibtions, 'WatchFineArtsLondon' Blog highlights (*2012-2017)


-- Gallery Walk reflection, Vienna Art Week, 28 November 2018.

--- 'Lee Miller in Vogue', on the occassion of her photograph exhibition at Albertina Vienna, 3 September 2016.

--- Wolkenstudien/Cloud studies, 9 August 2013

--- Gorden Cheung’s stock market paintings, Oct 2012-Dec 2013
--- ‘Seduced By Art’: Photography A Form of Art?’, January 2013 looking-at-the-past/
--- China here we go, July 2012

Watching, Informing, Reflecting the News (journalism blog, *2010)


---'UK: Coffee at Teatime', 6 March 2014

--- 'Reading on Amazon', 13 February 2014

Die Weltkunst/Kunst & Auktionen, GER

--- preview of Berlin Art Gallery Weekend, September 2013, Weltkunst

--- smaller publications, in Weltkunst und Kunst & Auktionen

Die Presse, AT

--- 'Von der Boku zum kamerunischen Bierbrauer', 18 August 2010

--- 'Gouma: Müssen Österreich nicht bereichen', 14 September 2010 (download)

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