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steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria                

"Sometimes I think I was a parrot, but then I realised I am only a fish":

 On "Animal Art" & its Contemporary Condition, 14 October 2022. 

International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR), Reykjavik, Iceland
‘Post-Human Porn: Sidel Meineche Hansen’s “Second Sex War”’, June 2022.

Royal Holloway, Senate House London
‘Kunst mit Eigen-sinn’: Performance and Feminist Exchanges across the UK and Austria’, June 2022.

Arizona State University, Austin Texas
‘Trevor Paglen’s Non-Human Photography’, invited talk at the Centre for Desert Humanities, April 2022.

Architekturzentrum, Vienna
Panel participation on contemporary performance histories and their spaces, March 2022.

International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR), annual conference
‘The Dancing Horses: Choreographing Dressage’,  July 2021, online.

Symposium: A Call for Action: Moving is Understanding, UCL, UK                           
‘A Critique of Infrastructural Dressage: Mike Kelley and Kate Foley’s Pantomime Horse Dance’, online talk, June 2021

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
‘Touching (Virtual) Reality: Performing Together/Apart’ with Dr. Sarah Blissett, online talk, November 2021.

American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR), annual conference participation
‘The Nature of Dressage’, November 2020.

Annual conference of the Austrian Association of Art Historians (VökK), theme ‘Liminality’.
'Writing in Between the Histories of Performance and Art: Anne Imhof's Sex and Peter Stamer's/Frank Willens's In the Penal Colony’, Vienna, October 2019.

International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IFK), fully-funded summer school participation
'Happy Endings? Stream: Vor den letzten Dingen: Geschichtsphilosophische Entwürfe, Utopien und Untergangsvisionen' (Karin Harrasser), August, Linz, August 2019.
IFTR , annual conference
'The Performance of Dressage, 17th and 18th-Century Paris: The Romantic Revolution of the Manège', July 2019.
Royal Holloway, University of London, research day, London
'Performance Histories: The Institutionalisation of Dressaged Animality', March 2019.
American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR), annual conference participation
'Zoo Time: A Comparison between Dressaged and Wild Equines at Spectacular Manèges', San Diego, November 2018, financially supported by Glynne Wickham Scholarship by SCUDD.
Critical Costume Studies Conference, University of Surrey, UK
'Queering the Anthropocentric Use of the Costume on Stage', conference on Costume Studies, Guildford, September 2018.

London Theatre Seminar, Senate House, London.
'The Dancing Horses: Choreographing Dressage', November 2019.

VetMed, Wien
Invited Lecture, Animals in/and/for Art, MA-course, Human-Animal Interactions, December 2018.

VetMed, Wien 
‘The Allegory of Dressage in Performance, its Documentation and Leftovers’, Minding Animals, Sept 2018.
Tanzquartier, Vienna
Presentation of PhD research and workshop, April 2018.
Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Wien
'Animals in Contemporary Art', Seminar, Fotografieklasse, Prof. Gabriele Rothemann, December 2017.
National Horse Racing Museum, New Market
'Mark Wallinger’s conceptual ‘animal’ work and painting', September 2016.

Workshop/Conference Organisation

'(Art)Activism in the 21st-Century', curated event. 

Screening of Gerald Nestler's Countering Capitulation (2014), Forensic Architecture's Model Zoo (2020), und Vladan Joler's The New Extractivism (2021); and discussion with Nestler & Joler, Bevedere21, Vienna, 12 November 2022.  

‘Dance & Performance: Histories of Feminist Practices,’ Symposium, London Senate House, co-organised with Josephine Leask, keynote by Dr. Sarah Gorman (invited speaker), 17 June 2022.

‘Art as political praxis’
---I ran a workshop as part of the Joseph Beuys exhibition at Belvedere 21, Vienna, 4 May 2021.

‘Balancing Arts and the Everyday’
--- Organised a workshop run by Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kolb, funded by the University of London Fund, Royal Holloway, 27 May 2021.

‘Glitch, Glitschen, Glissade’
--- Run by Christina Jauernik in dialogue with Lisa Moravec, public workshop, part of university-wide event series 'Everywhere it is Machines', Royal Holloway, 27 May 2021.

‘Love Spells: Rituals for Another World’
--- Online Conference, co-organised with Lilly Markaki, Royal Holloway, 28-30 May 2020.

Symposium, ‘On Criticism’ 
--- Royal Central School of Drama and Speech, organised with Clio Unger and Josephine Leask
Keynote speakers Prof. Dr. Sabeth Buchmann and Dr. Duška Radosavljevic, 23 November 2018 dance/events/platform-symposium-on-criticism/ predating the co-edited Platform publication

Tanzquartier, Vienna 25 June 2018
Workshop, ‘Writing about dance’

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