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"Dressaged Animality: Human and Animal Actors in Contemporary Performance", monograph, London: Routledge, forthcoming August 2024.

Rose English, exh. cat., Berlin: Distanz Verlag, August 2024. 

"Posthumanist Approaches to Critique of Political Economy: Dissident Practices", London: Bloomsbury Press, co-edited volume, forthcoming 2025.

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Was ist Wiener Aktionismus?, Berlin: DCV Verlag (peer-reviewed, forthcoming 2023). 

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Moravec, L., 'Sometimes I Think I Was a Parrot, but Then I Realized I Am Only a Fish: On “Animal Art” and Its Contemporary Condition"', steirischer herbst, October 2022/2023,
Moravec, L., 'Gerhard Kaisers's "Way of Seeing": Visual Art Beyond the Digital', German version: 'Gerhard Kaisers "Art des Sehens": Visuelle Kunst am Rande des Digitalen', book publication (forthcoming).

Moravec, L., ‘Eine Frage des Glaubens: Weiße Materialien, Exzessive Körperperformances und Fantastische Tiere bei Günter Brus', (forthcoming).

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Translations German-English
Mlodzianoskwi, Sabina, ‘Ottomar Anschütz’s Animal Photography Through the Lens of Darwinism’, translated by Lisa Moravec and Helen Lewandowski, in: ‘Humanism after the Human’, special issue of Photography & Culture, special issue of Photography and Culture, June 2021.

Thies-Lehmann, Hans ‘Peter Handke: Inhabiting the World Together’, translated by Lisa Moravec and Karen Jürs-Munby, in: Maria M. Delgado, Bryce, Lease, Dan Rebellato (eds.), Contemporary European Playrights, London: Routledge, 2020.

Art Writing
Moravec, L., 'Dancing Around with Rose English, What does it mean to be an engaged curator?', in: motor dance journal, Issue 2: Duets and Dialogues, November 2023, pp. 105-9.

Moravec, L., Extinct Choreography, a dialogical text for Georg Blaschke's latest performance, Vienna, Dec 2022. 

Moravec, L., 'Oil is Boring', on Tom Streit's painting, April 2022.  

Moravec, L., ‘A Grotesque Allegory of Life: Eszter Salamon’s Monument 0.6: HETEROCHRONY’, in: Eszter Salamon, artist publication (forthcoming).

Moravec, L., ‘EXIT II (The Beloved Dies)’, in: Tim Plamper, artist publication on the occasion of the show Galerie NoD, Prag, 2021. 

Moravec, Lisa, ‘Spellbound Things: Hands of Stone, Michael Armitage’s ‘Conjestina’, in: Love Spells: Rituals for another World, Lilly Markaki and Caroline Harris (eds.), Independent Publishing Network, March 2021.

Moravec, Lisa ‘Komisch’, in: RischArt_Projekte, JAJA – NEINNEIN – VIELLEICHT (Sophia Süßmilch), Gasteig München, November 2020.,v64076

Moravec, Lisa, 'Kokon', gallery text to Sophia Süßmilch's solo exhibition, Galerie Krobath, Vienna, 8.11-2019-29.02.2020. 

Moravec, Lisa, ‘Worming a Revolution: Matthias Mollners Wurmloch’, in: Matthias Mollner: Evolution Revolution, artist catalogue, Wien: monochrome, September 2019.

Moravec, Lisa, ‘Prometheus’ (Poem), in: Anna Kuen, Prometheus, artist book, December 2019.

Moravec, Lisa, 'Lena Lapschina’s Street Photography Trees and Poets [The Urbanist’s Alphabet]: Encountering Nature and Art in the City of San Diego', in: Lena Lapschina, exhibition catalog, Vienna, November 2017, unrealised/unpublished.

Moravec, Lisa, Karen Irmer: Don’t Come Back Wave, folder publication, May 2017.

Journal Editing
Moravec, Lisa and Leask, Josephine, editorial ‘Balancing Acts’, special issue of Platform: Journal of the Performing Arts, October 2021.  

Moravec, Lisa and Lewandowski, Helen, editorial-essay to ‘Humanism after the Human’, special issue of Photography and Culture, June 2021.
- with contributions by Sarah E. James, Marietta Kesting, Sabina Mlodzianoskwi, Magdalena Nieslony, Erica Payet, Julia Peck, Julian Stallabrass, Joanna Zylinska. 

Moravec, Lisa, and Julia Peetz (eds.), Editorial ‘On Magic’, Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, Vol. 12, No. 2, winter 2018.

Moravec, Lisa, Leask, Josephine, Unger, Clio, Editorial to ‘On Criticism’, Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, Vol. 13, No. 1, autumn 2019.

Book/Performance Review Editor of Platform (founded the performance review section)
Peetz, Julia and Weiner, Raz (eds.), issue on ‘Feasting’, Platform: Journal of the Performing Arts, serving as book and performance review editor, Vol. 12, No. 1, summer 2018.
Peetz, Julia and Weiner, Raz (eds.), issue on ‘Authenticity’, Platform: Journal of the Performing Arts, Vol. 11, autumn 2017.

Book Reviews
Joseph Beuys by Claudia Mesch, London: Reaktion Books, 2017, in: The Burlington Magazine, March 2021.
Foucault &Theatre, edited by Tony Fisher and Kélina Gotman, Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2019, in: Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol. 30, No. 3, 2020, pp. 415-417.

Der Esel auf der Bühne by Maximilian Haas, in: Tierstudien: Tiergeschichten, 16/2019, Neofelis Verlag,
2019, pp. 184-6. 

The Sixth Sense of the Avant-Garde: Dance, Kinaesthesia and the Arts in Revolutionary Russia by Irina Sirotkina
and Roger Smith, in: Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts, Vol. 12, No. 1, Spring 2018, pp. 100-103.

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