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Performance Projects

Live dance performance, ‘Rehearsing: Moving Together/Apart, with Dr. Sarah Blissett & Philip Leitner, 8 December 2019

As part of Philosophy Unbound, Studio Thor, Brussels                                                        

Curatorial Projects

Belevedere21, Vienna (in progress)                                                                                                                      

--- 'Digital Realisms’                                                                                                   

With contributions from Hong Zeiss, Tom Streit, Lara Verena Bellenghi, Sarah Blissett, Michael Fanta, Daniel Hüttler/Janina Weißengruber, Tamara Grcic, Delia Jürgens, Leon Lederer, Karin Pauer, Vika Prokopaviciute


--- Performance Lab Series



Reading of my poems, No Bounds Radio, London, 2020 

--- ‘Witches’ 

--- ‘Prometheus’               

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